North Texas car club with over 125 enthusiasts dedicated to the legendary 1955, 1956 and 1957 Chevy cars, trucks and Corvettes
Chevroletís Golden Era!

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2016 DACC 40th Anniv
'55-'57 Chevy Show

2011 Lone Star

Classic Chevy  Convention

2010 Nomad Convention


2008 Hot August Nights

2007 Power Tour

2007 Dallas Morning News
50th Anniversary Review of the 1957 Chevy

Photos/Results from 2006
Lone Star Classic Chevy
Convention - Dallas



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What is a Car Club?

Car clubs have been around since the very birth of the automobile. Back then, they were a necessity. They helped car owners find things like passable roads, hotels and boarding houses, and a little-known substance called gasoline. While some auto clubs like AAA are still providing those services, car clubs have evolved since those early days. Today, when we talk about car clubs, we mean clubs geared toward enthusiasts and whatever kind of car gets them enthused, whether that's a stock Model T or a Classic Chevy.

Car clubs also have the added responsibility of protecting the hobby from unfair government intrusion in the form of anti-hobby legislation and regulation.

Simply put: Car clubs are a place where people who like vehicles get together to celebrate those vehicles.

Perhaps you're sitting there right now saying, "Hey, I'm not a joiner," or "I've gotten along without a club this long, why join now?"

Well, you didn't know you were going to like your favorite food until you tried it. You didn't know you were going to love your favorite vehicle until you drove it. Let's face it, there are a lot of things you didn't know anything about until you gave them a try. Car clubs are like that. The benefits are many and the downside is that you just might not like it. But you'll never know until you try it out for yourself.

What' s In It For Me?

Car clubs are not just about cars, although obviously cars are a big part of the picture. Cars can't take themselves to car shows. Only people can do that. And people are the biggest and best reason to be a part of a car club.

It's reassuring to find people out there who feel the same about their car as you do about yours. And so many of the stories you'll hear at a car show are the same: "I had one like it in high school." ... "My dad had one and sold it before I was old enough to drive." ... "I've had it since it was new." ... "We ordered it special back in '57."  If you've said anything like this before, car club people are your kind of people. 

How To Join

If you are interested in joining the club just print out and complete our membership for by clicking here - on-line form.  Mail it along with your check for the annual fee of $25 to our club PO Box.  Any other questions regarding membership can be submitted to

Contact Us

Any additional inquiries can be directed to

Dallas Area Classic Chevys
PO Box 567
Scurry, TX 75158


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