January 2018

Duffy Oyster
Dallas, TX
1957 Chevy Bel Air Convertible

50 years ago I saw a beautiful woman at a place where I worked and it was love at first sight - I knew at that moment I needed to have her for the rest of my life - so I married her! But that was the second time I experienced “Love at first sight”.

The first time I fell in love was 60 years ago when I was 10 years old and the man who lived next door bought a new 1957 Chevrolet convertible. It looked like a spaceship from the future! Big silver fins, a giant chrome grill that looked like a big smile, and bullets on the hood that looked like they could shoot down an armored tank. He let me be his passenger several times and I can remember the rumbling sound of the dual exhaust which he refitted with “Smitty’s glass pack” mufflers.

Being a car guy for all my life I have since owned over 10 1957 chevys. I always regretted selling the cars but always loved buying them.

Four years ago I was at a car auction in Dallas just browsing when I saw a beautiful 57 convertible in the line up for sale. It was love at first sight! The car was a rare lavender color called “Dusky Rose”. It was equipped with a continental kit, fender skirts, dual antennas, power steering, seats and windows. A silver and black interior and white convertible top made this car look spectacular. The power was the original 283 power pack and a powerglide transmission. I knew I had to buy this car.

Now - is this destiny or what?! Sitting in the audience waiting for the car to come up for sale, I struck up a conversation with the elderly woman next to me and told her I was interested in the 57 coming up for sale. She then told me that she and her husband owned the car and that they spent 8 years restoring the car and were selling it due to health reasons and because they rarely drove the car anymore. I was shocked by the coincidence but more determined now to purchase the car.

I now drive the car every week and show it periodically. It usually wins its class and is a car photographed often by old car lovers. This car style is loved by everyone at every age and is truly the “All American Car” and the “Heartbeat of America”.