April 2015


This ’57 Bel Air was brought up to its current state in 1989 by the world class car builder Stan Shaw.  He affectionately nicknamed it the ‘Red Rocket’.  It was extremely innovative for back in its day.  He pro-streeted it and back-halfed it with a 4 link and the front end is ‘70 Nova.  Stan hand fabbed the hydraulic suspension on it so it would not ride hard like hydraulics do.  He custom installed 6 inches of coil spring on the end of the hydraulic rams.  As you can imagine, for the first few years he competed at all the big shows.  I have a stack of magazines that it has been featured in, including some European magazines.  Then in the early ‘90’s he campaigned it in the first Hot Rod magazine fastest street-car shootout in Memphis where the ’57 gained a lot of notoriety.  Then a few years later with the new owner Dale Keesee, this car was sponsored by Danchuk with a 632 ci blown with nitrous and Lenco 4 speed and he got this car to run in the 6’s at 204 mph.  He was a 2 time world champion at the Orlando Speedway fastest street car shootouts.  Shortly after that I acquired it from someone who declared it be the world’s most famous ‘57 Chevy and my immediate response was no, that Project X was the most famous “57 Chevy!  Well after some heated debating I purchased the car. Now, years later I have found that everywhere I go somebody always comes up to me to share their story about this car.  It’s been a real pleasure owning it and I will be taking it back out on the tracks, hopefully soon.  Current specs are a 484 big block Chevy with 6-71 blower and a 300 shot of nitrous, 3,500 stall converter, turbo 400 with transbrake and reversed valve body, Ford nine inch with 4:56 Detroit Locker.