October 2014

A Birthday Gift Donna won't soon forget!

 My husband and I had a 1957 Bel Air hardtop when we got married but sold it to put a down payment on our first home.  We always said that we would get another some day, so about two years ago we were watching Barrett Jackson (I think it was Scottsdale) and Mike Joy was talking about a TriFive that was coming up to the stage and that it was built by "The Snodgrass Brothers" out of Melbourne, FL.  He had nothing but high praise for the quality of the cars that they build. So after a little digging around my husband found the Snodgrass website and called about having them build us a ‘57.  Plans and arrangements came together and we were on our way to getting that ’57 we always wanted ‘back’!  When we went to see the ‘57 they were building for us, I commented on how beautiful the ‘56 was that they were building and little did I know but that day by husband Al bought the ‘56 too!

It was News Year Eve 2013 and Al couldn't keep the secret anymore and told me that he had bought the ‘56 for me.  Of course I didn't believe him and left it as that.  In January 2013 we decided to take the ‘57 to the Chevy Classics Winternationals show in Orlando to be judged.  We left the ‘57 with the Snodgrass Brothers as Al had a business meeting, so they took the ‘57 to the show along with the ‘56.  When we got back to the show, the cars were parked next to each other and I commented that Dave and Kenny Snodgrass brought that ‘56 to show.  That is when Al told me "Happy Birthday" and that the ‘56 was mine.

We both enjoy our cars and have lots of fun taking them to shows and meeting lots of interesting people.  Earlier this year I was thrilled when my ’56 was selected as Reliable Chevrolet’s Favorite ’56 at the club’s Spring Classic Chevy Show at Reliable Chevrolet! 


Donna & Al Thomson
Colleyville, Texas