February 2009 Feature Truck

My 1957 Cameo Pickups

One day in 1963 my brother-in-law came by my home to show me his newly bought 1957 Cameo pickup.  It was turquoise with white trim and I knew then that I wanted one.  I asked him if he ever saw another one for sale to let me know.  About a week later he called to tell me of one near my home.  I went to check it out and bought it for $950 and drove it home.  It was white with red trim, 6 cylinders with overdrive.

It ran like a top and I drove it to work for several years.  Over time, I parked it in my big garage and drove other cars for the next 25 years.   In the past few years I was diagnosed with Parkinsonís and could no longer drive it because of the clutch.  I took it to a swap meet at Traderís Village in 2008 and it sold to a young couple from Alvarado.  That was a Saturday and by Tuesday I was online looking at Ebay Motors and saw a 1957 Cameo, V8 with automatic in bright red.  It was just the truck that I had always wanted all these years.  I had to have it.  I called to my wife, Margie to come see what I had found on the internet.  I showed her the truck and told her that I was going to buy it.  She said ďare you crazy?  You just sold one like it 4 days ago!Ē  The seller was a collector in Santa Barbara, California and in less than 2 weeks it was delivered.  Any old car lover can understand the feeling of wanting a certain car or truck that is beyond explanations, and this is what I felt for this truck.  I have had a few months of enjoying it, but recently was told by my doctors that I could no longer drive.  It sits in my garage waiting for a new owner.  By the way, Margie did come around to enjoying the truck too.