I grew up in the 70's, working part-time at gas stations and from that quickly grew a chevy power fascination.  Over the years I have owned many hot rods, most of them Chevys.  In the mid 90's, I began a search for a '55 Chevy two door sedan.  It was 1997 that I finally found this '55 in McKinney and I was happy to see that the car was a very tight and had a sound body with very minor rust.  Myself along with several close friends combined to build this car in the true spirit of "Heavy Chevy" power.  The car is actually built similar to a super stocker.  Joe Wilson at Joe Wilson Race Cars installed and made a work of art in the chassis and suspension, building a full roll cage to support a Pro Mod 4-link and chrome moly fab 9 inch rear end.  The rear wheel area in this car hides the huge 32.5x23.5 Hoosiers mounted on 16 inch wide wheels.  The rest of the chassis is finished out with 4-wheel disc brakes, coil over shocks and rack & pinion steering.  Kim Barr at Kim Barr Racing Engines helped out a lot with machining and considerable dyno testing.  The requirements for the power plant were pretty simple - build a 540 cubic inch big block Chevy that would use super unleaded pump gas and make a whole bunch of torque.  Then gear it accordingly to produce a desired rate of pleasure. Mission accomplished!  With a fairly mild 10.2:1 and the perfectly matched roller-cam, we were able to develop 664HP and 658 ft-lb of torque.  All of this power goes through a Richmond 5 speed with a 6th gear overdrive, which allows for plenty of stop light to stop light action or cruising on the highway in overdrive.  Bob White at Garland Autobody Service prepped and painted the car a two tone cobalt blue and white silver.  I would like to thank everyone in the club for their interest and keeping our club strong with all the cool Tri-Fives Chevys! 




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