I began drag racing in the mid 60's with a '55 Chevy my father in-law gave me and my brother in-law. We had trouble with the engine banging until what became fellow DACC member BJ Butcher suggested that I check the valve spring pressure, problem solved. We raced for about two years in a gas class and had a lot of fun back then with that car. Later I acquired another '55 Chevy and I blew the engine the first night after buying car! I had Wayne Calvert Racing Engines in Denton build a new engine and then I set a new record at the first event at the old Green Valley Raceway. I went on to Gary, Indiana for national meet and set another record in June of 1966. Later that year I won the AHRA World Championship at Green Valley. I ran stock class with that '55 Chevy for about 3 years, then I sold the car and quit racing. It is then that I started buying cars and fixing them up and selling them. In 1989 I traded for the 1957 Cameo pickup and I worked on it off and on as time would allow and accumulated parts over several years. I started to restore to the truck to original but changed my mind. In 2001 acquired an LS1 engine and transmission out of a wrecked corvette because I wanted more performance. It is at this point that I got serious about finishing the truck. After a few more interruptions I finally was able to finish the truck in April of 2005. The first show I entered was in Snyder, Texas and I won First in class and Peoples Choice Award. Later that year I went on 2005 Hot Rod Power Tour from Wisconsin to Florida and had a blast! We are enjoying the truck and DACC events, and we look forward to the Fall Foliage Tour each October.





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